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Searching for Cost-Effective Ceiling Fan Installation Services Near Fort Myers, FL?

One of our greatest specialties at Dave Smith Electrical Services is residential and commercial ceiling fan installation and replacement. With over 30 years of experience in the ceiling fan business, our technicians know the quickest and most efficient methods for adding new ceiling fans to your home or business, as well as modifying or repairing existing units. Hiring a trained professional at Dave Smith Electrical Services is always the better option compared to DIY repair and installations, because our technicians know how to prevent common ceiling fan problems such as tangled wiring, dysfunctional and overworked motors, split bearings, and much more.

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Installation & Repair

Suffering through a hot summer day in the local Florida climate without a ceiling fan isn’t something you ever need to endure.

The highly trained technicians at Dave Smith Electrical Services can help by adding new fans to areas of your home or business with poor air circulation. We can also repair many existing models and get all the components of your fan back in functional and efficient operation. We can provide a wide range of custom modifications for standard size and oversized fans as well. With Dave Smith Electrical Services, you’ll always be getting the best options and service when it comes to ceiling fans.

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If you have any questions regarding our ceiling fan expertise or the services we can provide, we invite you to contact us today!