Short Circuit Repair

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A short circuit can seem like a fairly small and insignificant issue for homeowners and businesses, but these outages can cause a great deal of damage to a structure’s entire electrical system when handled incorrectly. Luckily, residential and commercial property owners in the greater Fort Myers, FL region can turn to the local trusted experts at Dave Smith Electrical Services when a short circuit occurs. As licensed, insured, and state-certified electricians, our onsite technicians can accurately assess the extent of damage to your electrical system and provide you with an honest recommendation for repairing your outlets or systems as quickly as possible.

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Some businesses like restaurants and car dealerships will regularly use much higher voltage power sources than your standard residential home, so it’s even more essential to hire a professional when a short circuit occurs in these environments.

The experts at Dave Smith Electrical Services can not only fix your short circuit issue, but they are also trained to take steps in preventing future issues with your system. From physically separating power and ground lines to using a multimeter continuity test to identify shorts in a circuit, we’ll ensure your system is running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

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