Generator Interlock

Searching for Local Generator Interlock Installation Near Fort Myers, FL?

Dave Smith Electrical Services can help your home or business benefit from a professionally installed interlocking system for onsite generators. Our licensed, insured, and state-certified technicians can eliminate unsafe generator-caused feedback that could potentially lead to power outages, damaged equipment, or dangerous electrocutions. With a professional generator interlock, property owners can safely and conveniently power energy systems and devices from a central electrical system without the need for expensive generator sub-panels.

Simple Solution

A professional generator interlock from Dave Smith Electrical Services is simple and affordable, providing property owners with a manual transfer switch to power their properties from utility lines or generators, depending on their current needs.

This solution is ideal for local Florida homeowners and business owners who want to get better use out of their generators without the cost of purchasing and installing a traditional transfer switch or generator sub-panel. With experienced interlocking support from Dave Smith Electrical Services, you can enjoy a safer, more efficient generator system faster than ever before.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our generator interlocking services, we invite you to contact us today!