Ground-Fault Interrupters

Need Professional Ground-Fault Interrupter Repairs Near Fort Myers, FL?

With over 30 years of experience in the electrician industry, Dave Smith Electrical Services also knows how to install and repair ground-fault circuit interrupters. The dreaded ground-fault is a dangerous type of electrical shock that occurs when there is a break in the grounding path from a powerful electrical tool or electrical system. With nowhere to travel, the electrical current takes an alternate path to the ground directly through the user, and the resulting shock can be extremely harmful or fatal. A ground-fault interrupter (GFI) is a fast-acting safety circuit breaker designed to automatically shut off power in the event of a ground-fault, ultimately preventing electrical shock incidents.

Increased Safety

At Dave Smith Electrical Services, we can install and repair these essential safety circuit breakers to prevent ground-fault electrocutions in a workplace or construction site.

When a GFI is properly installed and maintained by a technician from Dave Smith Electrical Services, it can greatly increase the safety of personnel using high powered tools and other electric equipment. We can also repair or install GFI equipment that is capable of protecting your property from fire caused by electric shocks, overheating, and wire insulation destruction.

Have Questions?

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